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Working with a large team, we created Illinois Innovation for the Illinois State Fair, turning a 14,000 square foot nondescript building into a high-tech wonderland with special features including a computer-driven waterfall, custom multimedia presentations, art and invention exhibits, and futuristic educational and informational interactive displays. Throughout the ten days that this exhibition served as an engaging counterpoint to the Fair’s traditional agricultural environment. Some 300,000 fairgoers visited us from across the Midwest and beyond, many sharing their enthusiasm with the state’s governor and the media.

Your needs don’t approach so grand a scale?
We’re excited by smaller projects too.

One client presented us with an interesting challenge. They were delighted with their investment in a dazzling new trade show booth: It was perfect for their typical 400-square feet exhibit spaces at major industry events. But they needed another solution — fast — for the dozens of regional office-sponsored events that usually feature smaller-scale (10x10’) booths. Our challenge was to create effective, portable, easy-to-set-up booths for regional events, at a price so affordable that each branch office could have it’s own… and to reflect the pride and quality image compatible with their new larger exhibit property. We did just that, in fact, exceeding their expectations… and in a very short time.

Give us a chance: We love to flex our creativity with assignments like these.

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