Full Circle… Face to Face…

Full Circle is ready to help you prepare for your important face-to-face interactions — with clients, prospects, directors, the media or other key stakeholders.

Full Circle… Face to Face helps you build a confident, comfortable, comprehensive game plan, so you’ll put your best foot forward and have your best face on.

Full Circle’s founder, Kathy Riemer, recruits your team of talented professionals to deliver the solutions your face-to-face business interactions require.

With more than 30 years of professional practice, we count among our clients some of the nation’s most prominent and respected firms. During those years, we have been training to support you and your team, working discreetly and behind the scenes so your vital performances inspire optimal results. From small, high-level sessions to high-visibility, even high-risk public presentations (industry speeches, analyst/media briefings, shareholder/employee meetings), Full Circle Face to Face helps you manage messages and make memories.

  When my clients need help with presentation or interaction skills, through coaching, training and role-playing, I won’t recommend anyone but Full Circle’s Kathy Riemer.
Guy DiSpigno, President, Executive Synergies

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