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We were referred to a potential client, a high-powered group of organization-development professionals, when their firm was in need of a corporate brochure. Since their decision-maker targets are primarily the very top echelon of corporate executives, our solution had to be powerful, on-point, impressive and compelling. We captured their story, packaged it and designed just the right image, to give them precisely what they needed to open new corporate doors that led to new accounts. Our modular-design solution provided them the flexibility to make changes to reflect new business areas and offerings and the occasional staff changes (inevitable, even highly desirable, in today's changing business arena), without having to start from scratch. New information can be accommodated quickly, flexibly and affordably.But it didn't end there. Since even the highest-level executives now do business on the Internet, it became time for this firm to establish its presence on the Web. Again, they turned to Full Circle Communications. We took them to the Internet in only a few months, and at a price that the client said was nothing short of amazing. And we can do it for you.


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