Where the fun is: Event creation/management...

When you want to meet with your clients or prospects in an atmosphere that tells them how special they are to you (and helps make you special in their eyes, too) Full Circle will set the stage and bring it to life. These are among our favorite assignments: to plan/manage small events (like a theater evening at “Sarafina” and a warm reception for some casual interaction), or create those very big events that will get you noticed and remembered.

IBM 75th AnniversaryFor IBM’s 75th anniversary, Riemer headed a team that created a party for 1000 customers in an environment unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Working with internationally prominent architect/sculptor, John David Mooney, and 200 volunteers, the team turned IBM’s 54 story Mies van der Rohe classic building into a four-night light sculpture involving 11 miles of paper and 7000+ special lights accomplished with some 6000 volunteer hours. The project drew rave reviews from attendees, the media and the community in general, and some of the acclaim has been commemorated with features in several prestigious books in the art, architecture and lighting fields.

If you can’t turn a whole building over to us, just tell us your goals, even your dreams, and let us help you bring them to life with events that make memories… for you and your stakeholders… maybe for years to come.


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